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April 30, 2021

If you are reading this book it means you bought it. If you bought it, that means your parent or parents fucked you up. Because, why else would you buy a book called "why do parents fuck us up?" The good news is you realize they fucked you up. Because you bought this book. You are aware. And because of that, there is hope. You are already 60% on your way to getting unfucked.

Now, we are going to unfuck ourselves right here right now. On this one single page.

Forget about me and the specifics of my story, you can assume one or both of my parents fucked me up, (which they did) just like yours.

The big question:

If someone you just met, treated you like your mom or dad treats you, would you be friends with that person? would you hang out with them again? Would you spend time with them?


For some reason way into adulthood, we feel we are tied to our parents and that no matter what they do, or say, and how many times they say it, we must take it. "Because they are our parents."

It's not your fault you feel this way. When we were young we relied on them for food, a place to live, and we had to listen to them. And that feeling still lingers inside us. That they are right always and we have to deal with it. That we are there's. Now as adults, we still have that feeling in us like we are 7 years old and still rely on them for our next meal. That creates situations where we let them keep getting away with being an asshole. We forget we are adults now.

3 steps to getting unfucked:

  1. Accept this fact - they are not going to change. If you resist this, you are going to hurt for many more years. People can change, but they rarely do. You can still love them, but you must realize they will not change. When I forgot about this fact, I got the most hurt. I kept hoping. And kept getting hurt. If you don't accept this, you will be fucked up forever.
  2. Realize what specifically is getting fucked up in your life today because of the parent fucking you up. Mine was, my dad was terrible, and we were always stressed out as kids. As an adult I kept throwing myself into stressful situations constantly that were bad for me. Like being late everywhere for no reason. What is wrong with me?? Being late makes me stressed. Stressed was my norm growing up. As an adult I needed to always be stressed out, years later, to feel normal. Because that was my norm growing up. Stress = normal.
  3. Fix your your brain to fix that area. The only way to fix yourself is to change how you see yourself. To become a new person in that area. You no longer are the person who just deals with it because. To start to fix that area I said (and still say it) "I am Calm" "I am early everywhere I go" over and over. These are called affirmations. An affirmation is a phrase you say to yourself to literally change your brain. Scientists have proven it recently. Your brain listens. You don't have to believe it will work, just do it. Then see what happens. It will work.

Parent stress hurts more than almost any kind. One day you and I will be dead as fuck. We don't have time to be stressed like this. You don't and I don't. We have things to do. Plans to make. Fun to have. Things to create. Being stressed makes our brains go to mush. You are done with that. You can still love them, but you don't have to chain yourself to them no matter what they say or do. You can decide to love them from afar.

or You can love them from afar. or You can create some space, and love them from afar.


Ps. If you feel you're not happy with the value you got for your money, you can get a refund below. After all the fees etc I'm going to make a couple bucks. My goal is to help others fucked up like me. And to have a little fun ;) We forget about that “F” word. 

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PPPS. Why the fuck are some books so long? We need to question more things.