Product Manager, iOS Guy, Concept Designer

I'm an iOS Product Manager and designer focused on growth and creative software projects. I've been building iOS products for about 10 years and working with software developers for 14+ years. I've worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Some things I've done:
  • I've been featured in the Wall Street Journal and in AdWeek magazine

  • I've been featured by Apple on the AppStore twice for apps I've built and launched (creator, designer, PM) A few of my apps here

  • I built an iOS SDK startup as founder, worked with Nike, EA Sports, and raised funding from angel investors (who invested in Twilio & Uber)

  • Added a $250,000+ revenue stream to an iOS app in the finance space with in app purchases

  • Grew an 8 figure luxury retailers website & app leads 240+% year over year

    Grew an 8 figure luxury retailers website & app leads 240+% year over year

Work Samples

European Watch Company

Luxury Retailer

Work details

  • Led the redesign of which decreased bounce rate by 30+%

  • Grew web leads "XXX"% over 4 year period

  • Grew app leads "XXX"% over 4 year period

  • Led the roll out of Apple Pay for the EWC iOS app

  • Designed app Sell/Trade flow increasing monthly leads 7X

  • Designed native in-feed iOS ratings prompt growing app ratings from 24 total reviews with an average of 4.7/5 rating to 1,000+ at 4.9/5

  • Built custom software tool that increased company Google Reviews from 246 to 600+ in 12 months

  • Led many internal and external software projects as growth PM

  • Started email marketing intitiatives and tracking, which now accounts for 20+% of monthly leads

  • Implemented company analytics for both web and iOS

Becton Dickinson (NYSE: BDX)


Work details

  • Designed iPhone Prototypes for BD Digital team with figma and invision

  • Prototyped new features, flows and interactions for the field sales team iPad app

  • Redesigned AppStore Assets for BD Diabetes Care app

  • Created prototypes for field user interviews for Japanese, German, and Portuguese teams


Cryptocurrency tracking app

Work details

  • Designed user onboarding for popular crypto app with 500,000+ MAU.

  • I was hired to design the user onboarding for CoinStats; a popular crypto tracking app. At the time, CoinStats users owned over $5B in crypto synced via wallets from the app.

  • I made it easier for first time users to complete the core actions in the first use of the app which were following crypto (to ask for push access) & syncing your wallet to the app (for stored value and monetization). Syncing a wallet would trigger the monetization ask if the user had over $5,000 in the wallet. CoinStats limited free users to $5,000 tracked.

  • My new onboarding added $14,000+ in recurring IAP revenue in first 30 days (tracked via amplitude)

  • Came up with and designed the popular "Crypto calc" feature concept in the app to see "What if" scenarios aka the "FOMO Calc".

Cinnamon Freak Ice Cream

DTC Ice cream concept (

Work details

  • Concept design & Branding

  • Creative direction

  • Prototyping with Figma and Webflow